About Us

Honora Pharma is an entirely Greek company that operates in the domain of food supplements and medical devices as well as design, development and production of innovative OTC products.

Our philosophy is based on providing natural quality solutions to specific therapeutic treatments offered by health scientists in conjunction with scientific research which significantly contribute to the good health of their patients.


Our Vision

With the quality of human life being our focal point and our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, the vision of our company came forth which aspires to succeed without compromise or entanglements, based on the principles of integrity, reliability trustworthiness and the need to provide for society as a whole.

  • Principles that emanate from the company name itself, Honora Pharma

  • Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the everyday life of each and every person

  • Our concern is : impeccable health for a better life





  • Honora Pharma bases its operation on the representation of the biggest international pharmaceutical companies along with the mutual cooperation of domestic companies.

  • We strictly abide by all criteria defined by international standards and organizations following to the letter every European legislation and regulatory sanction.

  • We embody a sincere sense of responsibility towards the medical practitioner who opts for any product based on safety and efficacy.

  • We assure our pharmacist/supplier that we will continually provide innovative solutions of high standards.

  • And finally to our patient, we offer the certainty of complete compliance at the lowest possible price.

Honora Pharma aims at developing pioneering products while satisfying the needs of people in a modern world. Our concern is the prevention of disease and maintenance of good health especially in the ailments of the digestive system, diseases that affect the immune system, rheumatism and conditions having to do with the metabolic system.


Strategic Partnerships :

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Honora Pharma is available for collaboration and mutual long-lasting associations within the international pharmaceutical domain.